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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

forum hosting help

Best forum hosting


Wed, 07 May 2008 05:55:06 -0500
Blog de downloads,por uma internet democrática,tudo de graça e completo.Entre e confira!!
Pare de ficar procurando pelos eu donload ,entre no SEVEN DOWNLOADS E SURPREENDA-SE

Another one to avoid - Alwayswebhosting review

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 02:41:47 +0000
Unfortunately here’s another web host to avoid post. Last year I was attracted to a special intro offer from the folks at alwayswebhosting. Well the first year pricing was fine but obvioulsy yhe hook was the pricing after the first year.
But that was not the biggest problem with their hosting.
With any SEO web hosting account ...] is a leading hosting provider, delivering highly scalable hosting solutions including managed hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private servers, and shared hosting.

Drupal is one of the most popular content management system, and there are a lot of people involved in its community every day to share their knowledge on it. In its forum, there is a section call “Hosting”, which is used for the Drupal webmasters to discuss about the hosting issue of Drupal, and what’s their best choice. But recently, Drupal.

Ix web hosting on Google Map

Sat, 10 May 2008 19:20:20 +0000
Previously, ixwebhosting is located at Hopkinsville, KY 42240, United States of America. But recently, ixwebhosting moved to Columbus, OH. Ix web hosting new data center and headquarter is now location at Columbus.
Here is ix web hosting location on google map:

View Larger Map

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Now comparing Intel vs AMD chips is extremely difficult. It almost feels like comapring oranges and apples. So again, my advice would be: compare the number of cores. If one has more cores than the other, it's probably better.

forum hosting Items For Viewing

Company information

hostgator is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry.
It has been talked about a lot on popular web hosting forums like for example. The company has been founded in 2002 and by the
time of this review their site says that more than 200,000 domains are hosted on
their servers.

hostgator hosting facilities are located in the one of the best Internet data
centers in US: �The Planet� ( Dallas/TX, USA.

hostgator is one of the so called �GigaHosts�, but it looks like so far they
manage to deliver what they promise.


The company offers Linux based hosting. By the time of our review the servers
were running Linux Red Hat 9.0. The server where our account has been located
was running 4 x Intel(R) Xeon(TM) 2.40GHz CPUs with 4GB RAM and a 200GB SCSI

hostgator hosting environment is based on Cpanel/WHM - one of the most popular
web hosting Control panel software packages. It is feature-rich and easy to use.

Services and features

hostgator offers shared hosting packages, reseller hosting plans and dedicated
servers. I would not recommend their dedicated servers as they are pricey.
However, the Shared and Reseller plans are quite a good deal.

Shared hosting plans: The cheapest plan costs only $6.95/month paid on yearly
basis and includes 3.5GB of web space and 50GB of transfer per month. It is
quite a lot of space at quite a reasonable price. It has all the regular
features Control Panel, Webmail, scripting languages, databases, a free scripts
Installer (Fantastico), anti-spam protection, etc. With the cheapest plan you
can host only one web site per hosting account. If you wish to have multiple
sites hosted (multi-domain hosting) you will need to go for a more expensive
plan where prices start $9.95/mo and you have the option to pay on a monthly
basis. With the shared hosting plans you can host multiple sites; however they
are add-on domains. (e.g. you do not have separate Control Panel for each hosted
web site)

Semi-dedicated plans: At first we thought these are kind of VPS plans, however
after we talked to an online sales rep on their site it appeared that these
semi-dedicated packages actually are like shared hosting plans, however they
include more resources (25GB space, 500GB transfer) and most importantly what
makes them different from a shared hosting plan is that the server where the
semi-dedicated plans are located host relatively small number of users. That is
you share the server resources with less users and in this way you have more CPU
power at your disposal. For example if you have 300-400 users on a regular
shared hosting server, when you are on a semi-dedicated you will share the
server with only 15-20 other customers. Of course the pricing is much higher
compared to a shared hosting plan � $74.95/mo.

Reseller hosting plans: Starting $24.95/mo you can purchase a reseller hosting
account with 5GB of web space and 50GB of bandwidth. The reseller package gives
you the option to host separate websites using a single reseller account. If you
are a web designer a reseller account might by the right option for you as you
will be able to offer you clients decent hosting services. hostgator even went
one step ahead and offer some great tools for resellers, such as Billing manager
application, merchant accounts, ready-to-use templates and even a free domain
name registration account with one of the biggest registrars So if you
are looking for a place to host multiple sites with separate Control Panels
hostgator is worth trying out.

Dedicated servers: As mentioned above hostgator services include dedicated
server packages as well. The offerings start with a 2.4 GHz Super Celeron to
Dual 2.4 GHz Xeons servers. So in case your site outgrows the shared or
semi-dedicated hosting plans you may go to a dedicated server. All servers are
equipped with a Panel/WHM which makes the server management an easy task.

Customer service/support

hostgator offers 24/7 customer support over email, phone and live chat. While
we�ve been testing our account, we had several interactions with their support.
Usually, we got replies in 15-20 minutes. However on some occasions it took a
bit more. Our questions varied from simple howtos through some more
advanced/tech related ones and finally some requests that should be handled by
3rd level support (which usually take more time to be completed than a regular
support request). Almost all of our requests have been handled properly. The
only problem they fail to resolve was a question regarding a PHP script. We saw
they have the PHP engine running as CGI and decided to check their knowledge in
PHP. We�ve created a sample HTTP Auth script (actually we took the example
provided at and uploaded it to our
account. Just of reference, when PHP is running as CGI HTTPAuth will not work
properly (this is a limitation by design). The support person who handled the
ticket was unaware of this limitation and provided us with some wrong answers.

In general the support reps were friendly and polite, even we acted as a bad
customer and even we�ve been rude in some of our requests. Our overall rating
for their support is 9 out of 10.

Signup process

The signup process is easy and intuitive. They accept a wide range of payment
options, including: Credit card payments (VISA/MasterCard/American Express),
Paypal, checks, bank transfers, cash and money orders.

In general you will get the account active in 20-30 minutes after your payment
has been processes.

However with our signup we encountered a little trouble. When you go through
their order process at some step you are asked to specify username and password
for your new hosting account. For the matter of simplicity we used one and the
same word for both our username and password. The order form accepted these
values, however later on it appeared that they have created an issue. Most
probably hostgator use some hosting automation software to open hosting accounts
when they receive a payment. However, the Cpanel has a restriction for username
and password similarity. So when we placed our order their billing system failed
to activate the account on the hosting server and the hosting account email we
have received was incomplete and was missing the hosting server IP address. So,
we have been unable to use the account as actually the account has not been
created at all. Luckily, the troubles have been resolved in several support
tickets and email messages and a short live chat session.

Overall experience

Our overall experience with hostgator is positive. Although we have used their
services for a month we had no major problems and the hosting account
performance and speed were at a very good level. The only issues we had were the
ones we have already described above. Despite these, we would recommend
hostgator to anybody looking for a web host. They offer quality and reliable,
feature-rich services backed up with friendly and prompt support.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

It is very much feasible that you may think differently about forum hosting once you complete reading this abstract on forum hosting. Keep speculating!

cheap web hosting services
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Monday, June 09, 2008

Learn all about cheap web hosting

cheap web hosting web sites

Opinion by Weber Hostetler

Virtual Private Servers Or VPS, A BIG Solution To Small Space

Mon, 10 Mar 2008 14:17:51 +0000
You have located a company that does affordable web hosting, but you want to have the freedom on your site to run whatever scripts you need and make sure that you can access the need server files. Most web hosting packages for small businesses or personal web site space do not offer this. Fortunately, ...]

Tucows - Has a deferred problem

Tue, 12 Feb 2008 11:49:00 -0400

Tucows (AMEX:TCX) has lost 50% of its market value since July 2007. Yes it has dropped from $1.26 to $0.63 a share, a 50% drop over the last six months.

The Company just released it’s year end financial statement, so now is a good time for a quick review of the basics:

- Annual revenues were $74.6 M vs. $65 M for the previous year – up 14%, nothing wrong there.
- Net Income $2.6 M vs. $2.1 M – up 24% -- direction is good.
- EBITDA $8.7 M vs. $5.8 M – up 50% -- something to write home about.

Tucows has a market cap of $46.5 million. The overall value could be stated as:

- .62X trailing revenues.
- PE Ratio 18.68

So why is Tucows trading so low? Why has it dropped a whopping 50%? As a high tech firm it deserves at least a 40 P/E ratio. It should be trading at a 1X revenue range, frankly more. That would take it back the July stock price.

The problem is the Tucows balance sheet. The Company has $80 million in liabilities. How is Tucows going to make it? Given current EBITDA one could take almost 10 years to pay it back, not including interest. The game is over; tank the deal, time to trade out.

WRONG WRONG WRONG ---- Tucows needs more liabilities, I think liabilities should go through the roof. They should be the master of liabilities; the street just doesn’t get it.

Financially speaking there are not many firms like Tucows. They sell millions of little things, sort of like Coca Cola. However those little things are domain names, selling for lets say $12. Since they are paid “up front” for a specific period, usually one year, the revenues for these are recognized at $1 per month, not the $12 when the transaction occurred. Sort of like cash vs. accrual accounting.

The bulk of the liabilities time out in one year, when hopefully, they start all over again. Look at it as millions of itsy bitsy revolving loans.

Of the $80 million in liabilities, $50 million (63%) is tied to deferred revenues resulting from domain registration sales. Domain name registrations account for 73% of revenues.

Usually I hate deferred revenues (which is a topic for a separate writing). However for Tucows it is the business model.

I might be naive, but I don't think many people drive up to Tucows and say..."I stopped using my domain name...I want my $3 back". I have a hard time rationalizing how GAAP, in the practical world, should apply here.

Tucows – Has a deferred problem. One the street does not understand, and one I think is holding the stock price down.

========== MORE ABOUT TOM ==========

New Commerce Communications

E-Mail Tom Direct

The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of enterprise software products and have experience managing a wide range of software on multiple platforms.

Anastasia Tubanos (WHIR) and David Snead (WHIR Blogger)

Wed, 21 May 2008 14:53:22 -0800 posted a photo:

Anastasia Tubanos (WHIR) and David Snead (WHIR Blogger)

Snacking at the baseball game.

cheap web hosting Items For Viewing

Do you know what Lunarpages customers have in common? Completly satisfaction. A
sense of fortune or luck for being part of this great host provider, call
whatever you want, I feel that way. I Highly recommend it, support rarely you
need it, but when is the time they are very, very professional, is the best, is
exactly why Lunarpages is the best host provider, their people! Go Lunar!

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

Of all the articles that I have written, I consider this article of cheap web hosting to be my best article. Hope you feel the same too.

Microsoft - Windows Marketplace
Filing And Storage Soluitions at Office Depot.

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The advantages of frontpage com

frontpage com directory

Disk Space and Bandwidth for Blogging?

11 Quick Tips To Drive More Return Traffic To Your Business Website

Tue, 20 Dec 2005 00:00:00 EST
Sometimes you need a kick start to get of the ground when promoting your new business Web site. Use these 11 tips to get started.

Which One, Reseller Plan or Affiliate Deal?

Thu, 10 Apr 2008 10:00:20 +0000
Now if you listen to the podcast here, you are more than likely more knowledgeable than the average Joe on the street about web hosting. One question I see come up a lot for hosting insiders or web designers that have friends and clients who need a place to host is which way should ...]

Web Development: Several words about navigation.

Mon, 19 May 2008 21:16:21 +0000
Do you want to have a lot of visitors on your site? Then make a good navigation!
It is one of the most important things to do when creating a web-site. It should be easy to get on any page of your site from all the pages.
Try to make your site in such a way that ...]

But I also do agree with the stand point of -

that they’d rather spend time in what they do best and

are specialized at, instead of being and acting as Net

Police. “Who watches the watcher? The global community

of course!” And: “Our role is not to police the Internet.

For that there are anti-spam forums, special blacklists,

and concerned citizens, all of which I commend for their

vigilance and dedication, and contribution.

Recommended frontpage com Items

dreamhost is providing Linux web hosting services, has been founded in 1997 and
now it's eleven years in business. average uptime is 99.995% (rank #753 on our directory) with total
73416 successful and 4 failed checks, monitored since 2006-04-04. Similar
companies with 99.995% uptime are and

Search for "" on 3 biggest search engines returns average of
1179333 results so company name popularity rank is #9.

There have been 58 positive votes for dreamhost and 20 negative. And overall
company rank on our directory is #15 (similar companies are and

Web Hosting Packages

Hosting Plan (Type: Linux) - 500 GB space, 5000 GB bandwidth for $5.95/mo

Some technical data about

IP Location: California - Brea - New Dream Network Llc

Blacklist Status: Clear

Nameserver: NS1.dreamhost.COM


Server Type: Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) DAV/1.0.3 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 mod_gzip/
PHP/4.3.10 mod_ssl/2.8.19 OpenSSL/0.9.6c

Website Title: [ dreamhost Web Hosting : Home ]

Description: - Providing scalable Linux-based web hosting, domain
registration, and dedicated servers. Offering PHP4, Perl/CGI, MySQL, Miva
Merchant, SSL, RealMedia, and much more!

Back to "D" directory

Some bonus features dreamhost offers

97-day money-back guarantee

Click Here to go to dreamhost website.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

front page web hosting page

front page web hosting Products we recommend

This post is part of my case study Hosting Case study. This review is not based
on my experience but is in general based on my ghost writter. I will make a
review as soon as I buy an account from them.


If you are looking for the best host, the best network and the best choice,
check out This is a web hosting provider that has been serving
more than 100,000,000 clients since they started 1992. The best thing that the
clients love about hostgator is their customer service. hostgator makes sure
that their clients are satisfied with the hosting programs that they provide.
They offer several services in order to keep the standards of their services.


hostgator provides only the best services to cater the needs of their clients.

* Assistance� They provide editing and website set-up for those who are
in need of one. hostgator has set up a team which handles designing of websites. is a special team for this. The team makes sure that the output will
result to the client�s 100% satisfaction.

* Domain Registration� Aside from designing the webpage, hostgator also provides
the domain registration. You will just have to send them the name that you
wanted and they handle everything for you. They accept payments through Paypal.

* SSL Certificates� This is important for sites, especially those that requires
password and accepts payments through credit cards. For a minimal amount, you
can already avail of this service together with your website design.

* Script Installation� If you are having troubles with the scripts of your site,
hostgator can also do it for you. Just inform them of the script that you wanted
and they will do everything for you.

* hostgator Coupons: hostgator offers many coupons every month so you can buy a
hosting account for 1 month with a price of $0.01 just in case you want to test
them out. Check out the hostgator Coupon Codes

Ease of Use

You do not have to worry if you take hostgator as your host. They provide for
everything that you need. You can avail of everything from them; this is from
the domain name registration, website design, script installation and SSL
Certification. They also have an online customer support that you can talk to,
24/7. No downtime is guaranteed on your website because they only use the best
and the finest equipments.


hostgator offer several packages, depending on the need of their clients. They
have website hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting. The website
hosting starts at $4.95 per month with features that will maximize your website.
If you prefer to have the reseller hosting package, you can have it for a
minimum price of $24.95 monthly. This is for those who wanted to have their own
hosting services. The dedicated hosting services, on the other hand, starts at
$174 monthly. All of these hosting services have free set-ups depending on your


You need not worry about the support. hostgator has different forms of
assistance or their reliable clients. The best support that they currently have
is their 24/7 online customer service. They have several divisions that can help
you if you have concerns regarding your site and their web hosting jobs. The
company offers knowledgebase support and the flash tutorials where you can learn
all the basic things on these categories. If you have further questions, you can
go to the Gator forums and live chats. These sites have staffs online that can
help you with your concerns. There are also members in the forum that can guide
you with your concern. If you are not satisfied with these supports, you can use
the Ticket system and address your messages to Brent and he will personally
contact you.


hostgator is one of the best web hosting providers. They offer cheap web hosting
compared with other web hosting providers. They area in the process of improving
their services and one of this is working with Windows web hosting.

Click Here to go to hostican website.

Keeping in mind the important points about front page web hosting, we hope this article on front page web hosting proves to be very informative to you. Use these points well.

host gator dedicated
host gator dns
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web hosting companies directory

Recommended web hosting companies Items

Well, my first official review. In this review I will be covering a brief
outline of the hosting website, hostican.

I�ll start things off by simply saying, �wow.� In these first few days, I could
not be more pleased. I switched from using the hosting company
Let me confidently say that I made the right switch.

First things first, service. I had to call HostMonster about 2 times initially
when I joined them. What a pain! There was a line every time I needed to talk to
a representative, and I�ll add that their �Hold� music is just plain awful. When
I switched to hostican, I called them up, bam, talking with a person
immediately. No waits, no ear-ripping music, nothing except good �ol people to
talk to. Not to mention their demeanor and manners. I must say, my experience
with their service has up to this point been absolutely seamless.

Now lets move on to hosting. The best thing about their hosting, in my eyes, is
the simplicity of their two different plans. They are both relatively
inexpensive, come loaded with lots of useful features, and have some great
resources available. The base plan comes with 200GB of disk space, 2 domain
names, one FREE domain, 2,500GB of monthly bandwidth, along with being
e-commerce enabled. Impressive. Remember, that is just the basic plan, only
$6.95 per month.

Now I will admit I haven�t had a whole lot of time to mess around with the
control panel, however they do offer a demo control panel for anyone interested
in looking at that, just go to their site. Now there was one feature that
ultimately switched me to hostican - Wordpress. I�m sure there are lots of other
dedicated hosts that offer wordpress, but hostican made it so simple, it was
absolutely unbelievable. You just go onto control panel, click install
wordpress, and bam, there you go. Dont forget that hostican also provides tons
of free video tutorials on everything from setting up email addresses to
managing files in control panel. I however will only be using the WordPress
features, so the rest of the control panel is up to you to test.

The last thing I will write about for now that really grabbed my attention was
their affiliate program. It is quite amazing I must say. It�s free to setup, you
dont even have to have a domain hosted with them to make an account. Basically,
they pay you �X� amount of dollars per person that signs up using your unique
link. The rates are $70 for the first 4 people you get and $90 for everyone
after that (This resets every month). Also, you can get higher rates if you are
able to refer over 10 people every month. Talk about big money! I signed up for
this right away, and I have their advertisement in my top header that goes to my
unique link. If you sign up under that, you help me and you dont have to pay
extra fees, hidden fees, nothing like that. So if you are in need of a host and
are in a giving mood, feel free to click that Ad up in the top header for

Well, thats my very simple and basic review. My overall impressions of hostican
are perfect. Up till now things have been smooth, simple, easy, fast,
everything. I would definitely recommend their services to you, and remember,
click my affiliate link to help me out! Overall 10/10, excellent hosting

Click Here to go to hostican website.

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Top 10 dedicated server hosting

dedicated server hosting page

Linux web hosting is typically available at the same price as Windows web hosting. So consider that for the same price you can get an operating system for your site on the world wide web which is:

Asterisk -A quick look under the hood

Sun, 25 Nov 2007 19:12:42 -0500
So you have Asterisk installed to your CentOS hardware. Now what? Let’s open up the hood and see what Asterisk can do… Before we do that, let’s examine some things that you need to know about Asterisk to setup and manage your Asterisk box…

Hostican hosting is currently upgraded their shared hosting plan, and offering much more server space and hosting features. Here are the major changes:

# cat /etc/debian_version

Hostican uptime for december 2007: 99.9%

Featured dedicated server hosting Items

Lunarpages is dedicated to taking your web hosting needs to the next level.
Because LunarPages has focus and is foremost on providing you with high quality
service and accountability, you can depend on Lunar Pages to always be there for

Lunarpages was founded in the summer of 2000 when Add2Net Corporation expanded
its web hosting offerings to include shared hosting. For the previous 3 years,
Add2Net had been successfully providing large scale managed and unmanaged web
hosting services. The Lunarpages brand is the culmination of years of
exceptional quality, service and experience. They proudly offer never ending
dedication to you, the customer.

Lunarpages offers more web hosting options than ever. At Lunarpages, they
provide a choice of reliable and affordable web hosting services for everyone.
Here are some of the web hosting options...

* Web Hosting - Ideal for new webmasters, bloggers & small businesses requiring

* Business Hosting - E-commerce ready with 3 terabytes of transfer!

* Windows Hosting - Ideal for sites running requiring the Windows

* VPS Hosting - (Virtual Private Server) Geared towards websites with high
traffic & resource requirements

* Dedicated Servers - For serious webmasters featuring shell access (SSH) and
massive storage

* Reseller Hosting - For your own branded web hosting company


Lunarpages offers industry leading infrastructure built with the best equipment,
including: Dell, Sun and Cisco Network Devices. The state of the art datacenter,
located in Los Angeles, California, provides the highest level of security,
safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology. Lunarpages BGP4
routed gigabit fiber network is multi-homed with over 150 carriers, such as,
Mzima Networks, Level3, NTT/Verio, Global Crossing, Genuity, SBC, Microsoft/MSN,
AOL/TimeWarner, Japan Telecom, Hurricane Electric and Savvis.

Click Here to go to Lunar Pages

Handango Inc.
Windows Marketplace. Software ready to download now.

host gator com
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Monday, June 02, 2008

News about affordable web hosting

News about affordable web hosting

Choosing a Domain Name

Mon, 18 Dec 2006 12:09:12 +0000
What Is a Domain Name?
A domain name is the name of a part of a domain which corresponds to certain files on the internet. For example, if I have a web site at, the would be the domain name, corresponding to my web site. No one else would be able to use this ...]

1 gigabytes = 1,024 megabytes

Starting a Web Hosting Company

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 16:10:48 +0000
Rather than use the services of a web hosting company to host your web site you could think of starting a web hosting company by your own. If your business is successful this could provide secondary income and lower the hosting costs for your own site(s).
Basically, starting a web hosting company consists of main two ...]

The other major customer complaint we've been hearing lately was about support quality. Matt attributes this to their recent exploding growth.

Original post blogged on b2evolution.

January 2008

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 14:44:40 -0500

Web Host Industry Review Magazine - January 2008Table of Contents

Small Business Hosting

Unix/Linux Hosting

Database Hosting

Enterprise Hosting

Website Hosting

Ecommerce Hosting

Mr. Koretz is the President and Chief Executive Officer of BlueTie Inc., a provider of web-based applications and monetization platforms for businesses, software developers, and service providers worldwide. Mr. Koretz serves as a member of the Board of Directors of several privately-held companies. Mr. Koretz is a member of the Dean’s Council at the Golisano School of Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology.

High Availability Hosting with DRBD

Sun, 27 Jan 2008 08:15:19 -0500
The term high availability is the buzz word nowadays. Nobody tolerates downtime, whether it is the owner of a web site, owner of a server or owner of a data center. The challenge is how you can offer the least down time and the term "high availbility", has it all.

Today`s suggestion:

dreamhost provides most convenience way to web hosting. No setup charge for all
their services, low monthly charges and you can control most network features as
you have your own server. Reseller program also help to build up your own web
hosting business. Most important is their network speed of web and ftp are fast
enough even access from Hong Kong.

Click Here to go to dreamhost website.

It took great skill and will power to complete this article on affordable web hosting. We also request you to use your skill and will power to understand this matter.

HP Ink Cartridges - Abacus24-7
Cambridge SoundWorks

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web site host

It is very much feasible that you may think differently about web site host once you complete reading this abstract on web site host. Keep speculating!
# (Hanesbrands Inc.)
.Mac, Internet Essentials from Apple

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free web design
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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another short what is web hosting review

Today's what is web hosting Article

Operating expenses decreased to 52% of revenues for the second quarter of 2008, compared to 55% for the same period of last year. This improvement is mainly explained by a better control on advertising expenses, and by interest revenues generated by investments in term deposits coming from the net proceeds from the issuance of shares of November 2007. These positive impacts in operating expenses were partly reduced by higher stock-based compensation expenses.

The company renewed its commitment with Andretti Green Racing and the sports celebrity well before the deadline, saying there was never any doubt about what Danica does for

It is a well known fact that people hate to be advertised to and therefore a site that has too much advertising on it tends to put off readers. That is why one of the Adsense rules sets a ceiling on the sets of ads that can appear on any site. You are actually not allowed to do more than 3 which is the absolute maximum. That would be ads somewhere at the top of your site, on the side and maybe at the bottom. In fact already this is too much advertising but I guess on some sites, as a result of clever design those ads can merge into the page so much that you do not even notice them.

Recommended what is web hosting Items

The hosting service works fine, although we have a very low volume of traffic
(less then 500mb a month). Unfortunately, from time to time, every few days, our
email would stop arriving. We wouldn't actually loose any mail, but email would
be delayed by as much as an hour sometimes. We complained about this to
ixwebhosting a few times through their online live chat help. No resolution
came, even though I even contacted them at the moment when our email was NOT
working - so they could experience the problem as well during 'live chat' help.
Later I recieved an email saying that they tested our email, and that we have no
problem and that ticket has been 'resolved' (not!). Just like every previous
time. They know it is an intermittent problem and they check once in a blue moon
and based on that conclude that everything is fine. So email problems stay
unresolved. Too bad, it seemed like a good deal and a good place for one's
hosting needs.

Click Here to go to ixwebhosting

This article on what is web hosting is supposed to be very useful to one seeking more information on what is web hosting. Do you think so?

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asp web hosting
asp web hosting review


Friday, May 30, 2008

Best host gator account

host gator account in the news

December 2004

Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:43:59 -0400

Web Host Industry Review Magazine - January/February 2005Table of Contents

Return of the ASP

Microsoft Takes Aim

Hosting BitTorrent

European Report

Hosting Microsoft Exchange

Data Center Start-Ups

Here are just a few topics from this week’s episode of the Web Hosting Show.


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1 and 1 hosting has been around for a number of years, like most reputable
hosting companies they offer a large selection of hosting plans to fit most
webmasters / company needs. The domain was first registered in the
late summer of 1997, they have been doing business since I have been online
(about the same year).

While the prices are very competitive at 1 and 1 their customer service seams to
be lacking, many costumers have posted issues about poor customer service
(something that is very important when evaluating hosting companies). The
importance of good customer services becomes painfully clear when problems
arise. This is 1and1 biggest down fall and the reason for the sub par hosting
grade here on Cheap Hosting Reviews.Net

Services Offered:

As mentioned offers a wide selection of hosting plans and packages as
well as virtual private server, dedicated servers and click and go eCommerce
hosting options (they call these plans eshops). Where shines is their
uptime which steams from a robust set of data centers that have been built �from
the ground up using advanced technology�.

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